Ready for this jelly? A new face mask trend has arrived…

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bowl of jelly beans

We’re willing to bet that your skin could probably do with some TLC after all its hard work over the party season. Nightly “full face” looks, too many festive cocktails, cold winds, ramped up central heating and revelry late into the night are a recipe for all sorts of imperfections. From dryness and flakiness, to breakouts and oiliness, the skincare woes of December are seemingly endless. But, even if you’ve come out of New Year relatively unscathed, we’re willing to bet that you’re missing that healthy, springy glow.

But never fear! A brand new skincare trend is here to help restore your gorgeous sheen.

While 2017 was indisputable as the year of the “sheet mask” (you know those cut out masks which make you look like a strange sort of ghost?), a new face mask trend is already picking up steam in 2018.


Say Hello to jelly face masks

Korean beauty has been having a huge impact on Western beauty trends over the past few years. From BB creams and products featuring hyaluronic acid, to sheet masks and intensive skincare regimes, many “in vogue” beauty products are heavily influenced by Korean innovations.

Sheet masks were one of the earlier skincare adoptions in Western beauty markets, but now Korean-inspired jelly masks are making their mark. Exactly as fun as they sound, these masks are often bright, colourful and bouncy to the touch.

Typically infused with glycerin, these masks usually focus on hydration – fantastic for restoring damaged skin and helping to achieve that essential “dewy” look. Pleasingly sticky, but also easy to wash off, these masks cling to your face, which means you can walk around and even sleep with them on – ideal for those of us with hectic schedules!


Where to buy jelly masks

There are lots of lesser known and high end brand which are starting to offer these products in the west. However, cult high street beauty brand Lush has been one of the earliest adopters. To try jelly face masks out for yourself, this is a good first port of call.

Have you tried a jelly face mask? What did you think? Do you have a favourite Korean beauty trend? Have your say below