Rebounding: Meet Summer’s Springiest Fitness Class

Posted by: Niral

It’s not always easy to stay enthusiastic about your exercise regime, especially when you’re going through the same old routine week after week. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest exercise trends. Whether they’re a fun novelty or ignite a new passion, keeping your workouts fresh with new activities is a brilliant way to ensure you stay motivated about your fitness and excited for your next session.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce you to summer 2015’s springiest new exercise class: Rebounding. A spin off from trampolining, rebounding is a fun new way to hop, leap and jump into a fresh kind of fitness, propelled by mini trampolines!

What is Rebounding?

It might sound like something you do after a nasty break up, but rebounding is actually all about putting a spring in your step. During classes you’ll be taught to hop, kick and even spin on a small trampette, usually to upbeat music. Here’s what a session can look like:


Why Try Rebounding?

This bouncy form of exercise has tonnes of benefits. Not only is it fun, unusual and energising, it’s also absolutely brilliant for keeping your heart rate up and getting a good cardiovascular workout which doesn’t feel as draining as a run – and it’s low impact so your knees and joints won’t suffer as much.

Rebounding is also a real winner when it comes to improving your co-ordination and strengthening your core. Finally, all that bouncing around is amazing for boosting your lymphatic drainage, keeping your skin looking great and your body feeling in prime condition.

Where Can I Try Rebounding?

If your neighbours won’t approve of you buying a small trampette and getting started with the wealth of video rebounding classes on YouTube, there are real life classes springing up across the UK. A quick Google search should reveal rebounding classes where you are. If you’re London based why not try:

  • Frame – Queen’s Park and Shoreditch
  • Slice Studios – Parsons Green
  • KX – Chelsea

Do you fancy giving rebounding a go? What’s your latest favourite exercise class? Share your picks with other readers below.