When to replace your exercise essentials

Posted by: esd admin

pink Nike trainers

Running shoes feeling a bit flimsy? Sports bra not quite as supportive as it once was? Leggings looking a tad too translucent? It might be time for a refresh. Keeping your fitness kit in good nick isn’t the most enjoyable way to spend your money, especially if you’re one of the many who see staying fit as a chore rather than a pleasure, but ensuring your equipment and attire are up to scratch will help you get more from your workouts and keep you safer too.

It’s not always easy to know when it’s time to say goodbye to a piece of your kit, however. Over time we get used to the way things are and, because deterioration can happen slowly, it’s sometimes hard to notice when an item has reached the point of no return and needs to go in the bin.

To help you keep your kit fresh and functional we’ve compiled a helpful guide, complete with best practice timescales so you can refresh at the right time.


Your Footwear

How frequently you replace your trainers will depend on how much distance you cover, rather than how long you’ve had them. If you’re chalking up miles on the tarmac or the treadmill, you’ll need to replace your footwear every 300-500 miles, depending on their quality. Failure to do so could leave you without adequate support, which is a recipe for disaster for your ankles and knees.

Your Sports Bra

Getting the right support from your sports bra is an essential part of feeling comfortable while you work out. How your bra feels is an important part of knowing when it’s time to invest in a new one. If you experience chafing, or the bra rides up when you lift your arms, it’s time for an upgrade.

Moisture Wicking Clothing

Staying comfortable and dry even when you’re sweating buckets can make workouts more comfortable, but your moisture-wicking clothing won’t do it’s job forever. Around 25-50 washes are the lifespan of most mid-range garments, but the really high end stuff can last for years. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for a better idea of when you’ll need to replace your garments to enjoy a dryer feeling session.

How often do you replace your equipment and fitness kit? What’s the longest you’ve worn a pair of running shoes? Share your stories and kit-preserving tips with other readers below.