Should You Go “No Poo”?

Posted by: Pete Campbell


no-poo hair washing

It may not sound like the most glamorous beauty movement of all time, but “No Poo” advocates claim that this new approach to haircare could leave you with happier, shinier, thicker and healthier locks.

Short for “no shampoo”, No Poo is all about giving up on conventional chemical based shampoos in favour of more natural cleaners, from simply washing hair with water, to using baking soda as shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner.

Hair History

It is only since the 1970s that daily shampooing has been the norm. In the thirties a fortnightly wash was common and, back in the 1800s, hair washing was a monthly task. This doesn’t mean our ancestors had horrible hair, instead it demonstrates that our bodies naturally produce the oil they need, known as sebum, to keep our hair healthy and well conditioned.

When we use modern shampoos, the chemicals in their formulas strip away our natural oils. This often leaves hair dry, brittle, breakable and in poor condition – prompting the need for even more hair care in the form of conditioners and masks which only offer a short term solution. No Poo is the long term solution, giving our locks time to start reproducing the correct levels of sebum for a beautiful head of hair – and radically reducing the amount we spend on beauty products. Many advocates claim the approach has transformed their barnet, leaving them with glossier, softer and thicker locks.

So how can you get started with No Poo?

combination methods

There are two main No Poo techniques which most shampoo-free individuals recommend: The no water method, or a combination of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. The water method is precisely what it sounds like, using water alone to give your hair a good scrub. For the first week it’s likely that your hair will feel increasingly oily – that’s because your oil glands are used to producing lots of oil to moisturise oil-stripped shampooed hair.

After a week this oil build up will lessen and by the end of a month you should start to see really good results. The most important part of this process is persistence. Your hair will feel greasy for a little while, but once your natural balance is restored, many people wonder why they ever bothered with shampoo in the first place.

To use the baking soda and vinegar technique, mix water with baking soda and use this mixture as a shampoo. A blend of apple cider vinegar and water can be used as a conditioner if your new natural shampoo proves to be drying.

Are you ready to try going No Poo? Have you given this technique a go? Did it work for you? Share your thoughts and your experiences with other readers below.