Should You Switch to Strength Training?

Posted by: esd admin


#strongnotskinny has been an absolute revolution in the world of women’s fitness in recent years. This movement has been persuading women from all walks of life to switch their focus from how their body looks to what their body can do.

Incredibly empowering and all about personal achievements, this new wave of fitness has nothing to do with those comparisons to others which can batter self-esteem. Instead strength training is all about pushing yourself further each time, and building on your previous achievements to feel even stronger, mentally and physically.

So should you switch up your workouts to incorporate strength training? There are some very good reasons to do so. Here are just a few…


1. Strength training is stress busting

Like most forms of exercise, strength training releases some serious endorphins. The intense focus required to push through repetitions is especially good for clearing your mind and achieving a meditative mindset. Building up motivation and stamina is another aspect of strength training which is top notch for your mental wellbeing too.

2. It can sort out your weak joints

Weak joints are a recipe for disaster when it comes to your body. Unsupportive mechanisms (knees, shoulders and hips especially) are very prone to injury and, as we get older, this issue only worsens. Building muscle will give weak joints more support, helping to keep your whole body in better fettle.

3. Muscles torch calories while you rest

If you do want to lose a few pounds, building muscle is every bit as good as cardio. If you have more muscle, you will even naturally burn more calories at your normal resting heart rate.

4. You can do it at home – cheaply

While cardio often calls for a gym membership, a run in the rain or costly machines at home, strength training can be done in your front room using some very inexpensive kit – you can even use your own body weight.

5. The toning effects are awesome

Although strength training is all about what you can do – not how you look, if you do love the look of a toned physique, the effects of strength training are a very nice side benefit. Don’t worry about getting bulky – that will really only happen if you’re pumping serious iron. Bodyweight strength training will simply give you really great definition, if you stick at it!

Are you a strength or cardio person? What do you love about building strength? Have your say and share your favourite resources with other readers below.