Six 5:2 Fast Day Recipes That Won’t Make You Sad

Posted by: Niral

Are you using the 5:2 diet plan? If you’re not, the concept is simple: for five days of the week, you eat a normal diet (within reason). For the other two days (which should not be consecutive) you fast. On fast days you can consume a maximum of 500 calories, with the overall goal of helping you shed a few pounds, feel healthier and eat better.

Hundreds of thousands of people are now dedicated 5:2ers, but that doesn’t make fast day any easier! Whether you’re a 5:2 veteran or just thinking about giving the plan a go, these five recipes, all with 250 or fewer calories, will help you stay happy, full and tastily tantalised
even on fast day…

1.Baked Aubergine

Calories: 81
This tasty recipes makes enough for 4. Half a baked aubergine stuffed with this healthy and flavourful mix will certainly put a dent in any hungry feelings and satisfy your taste cravings.

2.White Fish with Chorizo Sauce

Calories: 234
Full of great Omega 3 goodness and packed with Spanish flavour, this simple 15 minute dish serves one and will keep you well within your fast day limit. Scrummy!

3.Spicy Mexican Bean Burgers

Calories: 244 with halloumi (more with bun & dips)
Keep fast days tasty with a burst of Latin flavour. These spicy little bean burgers are crammed with spices and chillies, leaving you with a guilt-free taste sensation on your hands.

4.Mediterranean Sardine Salad

Calories: 140 per serving
A rich taste of Italy which comes in at just 140 kcal per serving. Salty, oily fish, punchy capers and deliciously bitter olives all tossed in sweet tomato sauce with healthy leaves – easy peasy and definitely yummy!

5.Coconut Chickpea Curry

Calories: 191 per serving
This fragrant, healthy curry can be whipped up in a mere matter of 30 minutes, making 4 portions which only get yummier with keeping! A side serving of rice will add extra calories to your meal.

What are your favourite 5:2 recipes? Share them with other readers below.