Sleep Masks: The New “Beauty Sleep”

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Do you feel like you get enough beauty sleep? Whether it’s work stress, family life, noisy neighbours or social obligations, most of us feel like we’re simply not getting enough shut-eye. Lack of sleep can leave us feeling bleary, stressed, confused and distracted, but it can also have an effect on how we look…

Whether you suffer from bags under your eyes, dark circles, a sallow complexion or widespread puffiness, there are all sorts of tell-tale signs that we’re not getting enough sleep which we wear on our faces. When we’re feeling tired on the inside, that visual reminder that we’re cream crackered isn’t exactly welcome when we look in the mirror.


A magic wand

But what if you could cheat sleep? What if you could keep your face looking fresh and glowy without making time for eight solid hours of blissful, worry-free sleep per night? The answer may already be out there, and no, we’re not talking about fairy godmothers. We’re talking sleep masks!

Sleep masks are booming in popularity, rapidly taking over from the omnipresent “Phantom of the Opera” style sheet masks which seemed to be everywhere last year. Sleep masks, by contrast, include none of the faff of sheet masks, and could help you wake up from a paltry 5 hours kip looking fresh as a proverbial daisy.


No mess masks

Sleep masks might sound messy, but these modern formulas are designed to be fuss free. Simply apply the clay, gel or cream to clean skin, leave it to set for 10 minutes and drift off into a peaceful sleep. The mixture will be absorbed by your skin overnight, helping you get much more from the product. It also won’t leave a mess on the pillow thanks to clever formulations.

Available for a wide range of skin types and requirements, these masks can accomplish everything from gentle resurfacing to intense hydration, based on your need. With lots of time to take effect, many consumers are rapidly becoming sleep mask devotees, all thanks to the results these masks achieve.

Have you tried sleep masks before? What’s your favourite option? Do you have any tiredness banishing skincare techniques? Share them with our readers below.