Sleep Masks: The new skincare trend you can try with your eyes shut

Posted by: esd admin

sleeping woman

The old saying goes that “beauty is pain”, but a new skincare trend is changing all of that. Rather than painful plucking and peeling, sleep masks are a brand new beauty treatment you can manage with your eyes closed.

With only so many hours in the day, we’re definitely on board with a beauty routine we can complete while we slip into a peaceful slumber. So what are sleep masks all about? How do they work? And what sorts of results can they offer?


What are sleep masks?

When you picture a sleep mask, you’re probably envisioning something along the lines of those faintly creepy sheet masks which were all the rage last year. You may also be worrying about getting beautifying gloop all over your bedding…

Worry not! Sleep masks aren’t creepy enough to scare off your bedfellows and aren’t gloopy enough to mess up your favourite bedding set. Instead they come in the form of a thicker night cream which you apply all over your clean, freshly washed face before bed. The cream or gel sets or absorbs rapidly, then works its magic as you sleep. In the morning, simply wash the residue off.


What do sleep masks do?

The theory behind this skincare trend is that prolonged, gentle exposure to ingredients which softly slough away dead skin cells and revitalise your skin is much more effective and less harsh than shorter, more intense treatments. The intended result? Glowier, visibly rejuvenated skin in the morning. Who could say no to that?


Which sleep mask should I try?

There are lots of different sleep masks coming onto the market at the moment, which means you have plenty of choice. From The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth “Bouncy Sleeping Mask” and ESPA’s Overnight Hydration Therapy Mask, to Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, read up on the ingredients and benefits of the available products before choosing an option which suits your skin type.

Have you tried a sleep mask before? Was it easy to sleep in? What were the results like in the morning and over time? Share your stories with other readers below.