Strobing: The Natural-Looking Alternative to Contouring

Posted by: esd admin

woman with makeup on

Have you come across strobing during your adventures into beauty-land over the past few months? No, we’re not talking about that crazy thing which happened in that club during your misspent youth that one time, we’re talking about a highlighter-heavy approach to make up which offers a more natural, dewy alternative to heavy contouring.

Contouring has become a beauty staple over the past few years, but a professional, natural finish is very difficult to achieve without some very costly beauty products and the skills of a professional make up artist on hand. Strobing, on the other hand, creates a much lighter and easier-to-achieve look which still enhances your natural beauty with clever use of light and shade.

Here are a few pointers to help you start strobing and look stunning…


1. Get Hydrated

Strobing is all about perfecting that healthy glow. Drinking plenty of water and using a hydrating moisturiser will help you create the perfect canvas for that dewy, fresh-faced strobing effect.

2. Match Your Highlighter

The 90s might be in right now, but you don’t want to end up with a retro “frosted” look – this technique is all about looking natural. Choose a highlighter which closely matches your skin tone to get it right.

3. Know where the light hits

Apply highlights exclusively to areas of your face where the light naturally hits to create a subtle glow which isn’t over the top. The “sweet spots” are: your temples, cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, below your brow bone, at the corners of your eyes and just above your Cupid’s bow.

4. Get Blending

To finish up and perfect your look, don’t forget to blend in your highlights using your fingers, a buffer, a large brush or a sponge to ensure your strobing effect isn’t unnatural.

Do you prefer strobing or contouring? Have you tried this technique before? What were the results? Share your experiences and tips with other readers below.