The Perfect Make Up to Make Your Eye Colour Pop

Posted by: esd admin

Are you tired of the same old black mascara and eyeliner look? It’s time to pack a punch with a dose of colour – and what better time for a bold new look than Spring?

This week we’ll be helping you make the most of what your mother (or father?) gave you and sharing four bright and bold colour combinations which will make your unique eye colour pop. It’s time to try a brand new palette and experiment with these four, fail-safe and fabulous eye makeup combinations for irises of every hue…


1. Brown Eyes

gold and purple

If you’re the kind of girl Van Morrison sang about, your rich, deep peepers are a perfect match for an earthy, regal palette of gold and purple. The glitter of gold which bring out the depth in your eyes, while purple provides a direct contrast which draws attention and sets off your shade to perfection. Opt for a deep, gold shadow with purple lashes for a palette with power.

2. Green Eyes

green brown and pink

For green eyed beauties, choose a shadow in an earthy brown to really bring out the magical lighter flecks in your eyes. Team with a rich red tone (a complementary shade on the colour wheel), particularly in plummier colours, to add extra impact and sparkle.

3. Blue Eyes

blues and bronze

A flash of copper seriously makes blue eyes pop. Team a bronzed, coppery shadow with a deep navy mascara (a few shades darker than your eye colour) to bring out your baby blues.

4. Grey Eyes


With a dose of contrast, grey eyes can look truly spectacular and ethereal. If you’re ready to be bold, we recommend a darker look that will make your pale eyes look even lighter. Team a dark, smoky charcoal eye with a flash of silver or turquoise to complete the look.

Do you have a go to colour palette for those times when you want to give your eye colour some extra drama? Share your favourite shades with other readers below.