Timing is Everything: Here’s exactly when to eat

Posted by: esd admin

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Timing is crucial in so many areas of life, from catching flights and hitting deadlines, to asking out your long term crush and cracking a side-splitting joke. One area of life you may not have thought to hard about in relation to timing, however, is nutrition.

For most of us, when we eat is all about finding a spare moment to grab a snack and cure those cravings, or making dinner plans with your favourite people. When we choose to eat rarely involves nutritional best practice.

Yet, when we eat can have a big impact on our health and fitness, affecting everything from weight loss and insomnia, to your energy level and the speed of your metabolism. So when should we be eating in order to be the healthiest possible “us”? Here are a few timing tips from the experts…


Listen to your body clock

In many ways, forgetting about physical time and instead listening to your body’s schedule is a good idea. Many of us eat to break up the day (especially if we’re at work), but our desire to eat may not be linked to hunger. Forget eating at a set time and instead eat when you’re hungry.

Digestion takes around three hours

Many diet evangelists suggest no eating before bed. If you are hungry, however, it’s best to eat at least three hours before you sleep to give your body the chance to digest your food. Failure to do so could result in insomnia, heartburn and even a slow metabolism.

Don’t eat heavily before bed

If you are eating an evening meal relatively close to bedtime, don’t make it a large or carb-heavy dinner. These meals are slow to digest and may leave you with excess calories which your body doesn’t need which can therefore be turned into and stored as fat. Choose something light and protein based instead.

What are your usual mealtimes? Do you eat heavy meals in the evening? Have your say and share your diet timing tips with other readers below.