Invisalign Treatments in London

Invisalign i7 Dental Treatment

Invisalign is one of the most effective, well known dental treatment brands in the World, offering solutions for improving your smile through a host of treatments. As part of the Invisalign family, Invisalign i7 and Invisalign Lite are a fast and effective way to help correct any gaps or crooked teeth you have at the front of your smile.

Lite and i7 use a clear plastic aligner to move teeth into position. Due to its near-invisible appearance, this means you can have these aligners in place and not have to worry about it ruining your smile and because it uses the same Invisalign clear material as all Invisalign options, you are benefiting from the highest quality treatment, from one of the leading brands in cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Barely visible and with a speedy process compared with alternative solutions, Invisalign Lite and i7 enable fast results. Invisalign Lite can help within 6 months and Invisalign i7 offer potentially a three month turnaround as it was designed as a fast solution for minor tooth movement.
Suitable for adults and teenagers, i7 is used often for those with crooked front teeth. Those who have had Orthodontic treatments can sometimes suffer with slight movements and so with Invisalign i7 you can enjoy near-invisible aligners to help correct those gaps.

Although i7 treatment only helps corrections for the six front teeth, they straighten your teeth by applying pressure and they are worn temporarily in order to gradually move the teeth in the right direction. During the course of our Invisalign braces treatment in London, you will change the aligners up to 7 times, between two week increments.


Benefits of Invisalign i7 Lite

  • Fast & efficient fix for crooked teeth
  • Near invisible aligner
  • Invisalign Lite offers 6 month turnaround
  • Invisalign i7 offers 3 month turnaroud for minor tooth movement
  • i7 resolves issues with front 6 teeth
  • i7 offers temporary aligners
  • 2 week increment aligner changeovers
  • Simple maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing


i7 Treatment FAQs


How long does the i7 treatment take?

i7 treatment is a shorter procedure normally due to the minor tooth corrections that it is catered for. As i7 was designed for minor changes, you can expect a shorter time frame overall for procedures.


How long do the results take to show?

Usually because the treatment is only for minor corrections, the time it takes to see results is a lot shorter. It’s likely you’ll see results within 3 months.


Invisalign i7 vs Invisalign

Key benefits with i7 treatment include fast, effective and flexible solutions, the specific targeted treatment methods which can correct minor gaps and crooked teeth on a smaller scale and of course, easy maintenance and quick turnaround times on smaller dental issues that need dealing with quickly. The full Invisalign treatment service can be a lengthier process with more options available for more problematic dental treatments that are needed. Unlike the i7 treatment which deals with small gaps and minor tooth corrections, Invisalign in full is designed for dental problems which require longer treatment times and in some cases, more intense procedures.


How will I know if i7 treatment is suitable for me?

Most people don’t necessarily know i7 exists due to the popularity and thorough treatment offering of Invisalign. However, not all dental treatment corrections require the in-depth treatment offered by the standard Invisalign offering and so i7 provides a trimmed down version which is effective for minor corrections and small changes such as resolving crooked teeth which have moved slightly after retainer-wear or perhaps to fix gap issues.


Is i7 as expensive as regular Invisalign treatment?

i7 treatment offers an alternative solution for smaller dental corrections and changes which should in turn, be significantly smaller than those treated on the normal Invisalign service. i7 therefore should be cheaper in comparison to the regular Invisalign treatment service. Small corrections will of course be quicker and easier to resolve than more complicated procedures and lengthier treatment processes.


Is i7 as effective as full Invisalign treatment?

Yes. Along with the speedy treatment time and shorter time frame for results, one of the biggest benefits with i7 is the ability to create your own treatment plan. In most cases the orthodontist will be able to show you what your smile could look like following treatment by using 3d imaging techniques, as well as giving you a set of aligners designed for your teeth. It’s a bespoke service tailored to your needs.


Will i7 help with oral hygiene?

Yes. i7 is effectively Invisalign Lite and even small gaps or crooked teeth can effect oral health. By using i7 to resolve these gaps it helps to remove food particles and bacteria build up which can reside in the mouth. It can start as a small issue but debris and bacteria build up can cause major problems in the future. i7 will act toward fixing gaps and crookedness which can encourage food and debris to become stuck.