How to Use Less Plastic in Your Beauty Regime

Posted by: esd admin

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Consumers everywhere are starting to turn their backs on plastic and unnecessary packaging. From environmentalists going “packaging free” altogether, to supermarket shoppers leaving excess wasteful packaging at the tills, more and more of us are saying a firm “no thank you” to excess, unneeded and environmentally irresponsible packaging.

While you might have thought about cutting down on packaging during your grocery shop, you may not have considered the plastic that is used up as part of your beauty regime. How much plastic and cardboard encased your latest beauty buy? How many shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser bottles do you chuck away every season?

For some of us, our beauty regime really adds up when it comes to plastic and waste. If you’d like to do your bit and cut down, here are some helpful tips.


1. Switch to bar soap

Do you get through a lot of shower gel and hand soap? Making the switch to bar soap will instantly slash how much plastic is going into your beauty regime. You may worry that bar soap will be drying for your skin. Don’t panic, there are now plenty of bars crafted with moisturising ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil.


2. Embrace the bar

Want to get rid of even more plastic packaging? There are now lots of solid shampoo and solid conditioner products on the market which will allow you to cut back on your plastic consumption even further.


3. Choose cloth

What do you use to cleanse and remove makeup? Whether it’s cotton pads or face wipes, it’s likely that you get through these products quickly. It’s also likely that fresh packs come clad in – you guessed it – plastic! Making the switch to a face cloth (especially a reusable one you can wash) will help you reduce your plastic usage without compromising your beauty regime.

Do you have any tips for reducing plastic waste as part of your beauty regime? We’d love to hear them! Share your ideas below.