Vitamin C: Your new beauty secret weapon

Posted by: Charlie Burrows

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We all know that Vitamin C is good for us. Whether it’s our grannys telling us that eating carrots will help us see in the dark, or historic sailors taking oranges on voyages to stave off scurvy, keeping topped up with the good stuff is essential for a happy body. But did you know that this vitamin may offer a host of beauty benefits?


What contains Vitamin C?

This vitamin is commonly found at high levels in colourful fruits (such as oranges, strawberries, kiwis, guava and papaya) as well as leafy greens (including kale, broccoli and mange tout). Including a hearty dose (around 60mg) in your diet has a wealth of benefits. An orange contains around 52mg of Vitamin C, which makes keeping your intake high pleasingly easy.

What does Vitamin C do?

Although we know that Vitamin C is “good stuff”, we don’t always necessarily know why – or how. Vitamin C is a crucial ingredient in processes which help build and repair bone, blood vessels and even our skin. This special nutrient is also thought to have antioxidant properties, it even helps up to metabolise proteins. But what about Vitamin C’s beauty benefits?


Beauty benefits

The link between Vitamin C and beauty is all about the crucial role this ingredient plays in the manufacture of collagen. This connective tissue is important throughout the body (from the gut to the cornea), but it’s also the good stuff which keeps our skin looking plump, healthy and fresh.

Many beauty aficionados are freshly obsessed with topical Vitamin C products (often gels or serums) which can be applied directly to the skin. Many claim these products help skin look brighter, reducing dark spots, perfecting the complexion and plumping up our skin.


Give it a go

Experts recommend choosing a Vitamin C product which contains L-ascorbic acid powder (a readily absorbable, pure form of Vitamin C) and which includes a pH of 4 or below (higher acidity will reduce the effectiveness of the product).

Have you tried topical Vitamin C products before? What were the results? Share your thoughts and experiences with other readers below.