Want to Live Longer? Ready, Set, Go..!

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Have you made a New Year’s resolution to boost your fitness in 2018? Whether you’re already a bit of a gym bunny or can’t remember the last time you put on a sports bra, now is a fantastic time to put some extra effort and commitment into an even better exercise regime


Why run?

Running has to be one of the very best ways to give yourself a fitness boost. Virtually free (well, apart from the trainers and any fancy fitness gadgets you fancy hooking yourself up to), running means you can get your sweat on the moment you open your front door. With endless routes to take, it’s also great for anybody tired of the treadmill and, with just a little commitment you can see results fast – super-charging your motivation!

Sociable or solitary, there are endless ways to run, you can even sign up for Parkruns and marathons, depending on what gets you invested and excited about fitness.


Extra fuel

Still not convinced that running is going to be the exercise option which gets you going this year? Well, try on this new piece of research for size…

Recent studies have suggested that running can add years to your life, if undertaken regularly. After examining the lifestyle, health and running habits of over 50,000 participants over 15 years, researchers discovered that – technically – any amount of running will extend your life compared to individuals who do not run at all. That means just 5-10 minutes of running a week could (again, technically) help you live longer.

The average active runner in the study, however, clocked in around two hours of running per week. Using this as an average, the researchers discovered that people who run regularly typically live 3.2 years longer than non-runners. Considering that two hours of running per week over 40 years adds up to just about six months of sweating.

Essentially, every hour that you spend running could extend your life by another seven hours – that seems like a pretty good deal to us! But don’t overdo it – exceeding four hours a week won’t give you any extra benefits as the life-lengthening effect plateaus. Overdoing your regime could even be harmful!

What gets you motivated to run? How many hours do you clock each week? Share your stats and thoughts below.