Weights Vs. Cardio: Which Will Achieve Your Body Goals?

Posted by: esd admin

weight training

Just as most of us are either “cat” or “dog” people, the majority of us are also “weights” or “cardio” people. While some of us are intimidated by the weights section of the gym, or put off by its usual masculine muscled inhabitants, others hate the breathlessness and sweating which comes with cardio.

Our preferences can also depend on our body goals. While some of us want to reduce fat and burn calories through pounding the pavements, others want to maintain the glutes they’ve built up through cumulative, punishing hours of squats. So how can you find your perfect balance? These tips should help…


1. Burn calories with cardio

If you’re solely shooting for weight or fat reduction, it’s time to get moving – as fast as possible. High intensity cardio burns many more calories than weight-based training. In fact, getting your heart rate up have been shown to speed up weight loss to four times the rate of that achieve through strength training alone.


2. Prioritise sculpting or slimming

Whether you want to sculpt your body (i.e. enhance, tone or reduce a specific area like your bottom) or slim it will impact the level of cardio vs. weight training you should be doing. Cardio is best for shedding weight but does not allow you to target specific areas. Weight training allows you to concentrate on specific areas for more precise results, especially if you’re looking to bulk up or tone.


3. Use cardio and weights together

One hour after a session with weights, your body undergoes a metabolic spike. This is the perfect time to jump on the treadmill or your bike or swim some lengths if you want to burn fat, as the metabolic high will help you torch calories faster

Are you are cardio person or a weights woman? Have you found your perfect balance? Share your stories and tips with other readers in the comments section.