Wine time: Which colour is the healthiest?

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Every couple of months it seems like a new article comes out either announcing or denying the health benefits of a nightly glass of wine. Suffice it to say that, whatever the “experts” are saying, we’ll probably all enjoy the odd glass as we see fit. Whether you’re a burgundy woman or a pinot grigio kind of person, a glass of wine is a hard-earned treat much of the time.

But indulge us for a moment. Not all wines are the same when it comes to your health. In fact, there are some pretty big differences between red, white and rose when it comes to their contents and health impact.

So which wine is the worst and which wines come out smelling like…rosé?



Calorific Content

First things first, which wine weighs in at the highest number of calories? We all know that alcohol can be pretty calorific (a pint of beer comes in at around 197kcal), but some types of booze have a higher calorie count than others (a gin and diet tonic will cost you around 60kcal). So how do the different wines weigh up?

Red wine is the highest in calories. A 175ml medium size glass of wine includes around 148kcal. White wine, meanwhile, is the lightest in calories, with 142kcal per glass. Rose is the middleweight, with 147kcal for drinkers to worry about.



But before you reach for the chardonnay, remember – calories aren’t everything when it comes to health. Red wine may be higher in calories, but it also includes lots of flavonoids which function as health-boosting antioxidants. These antioxidants are believed to have a host of health benefits for humans including better heart health and a longer life.


Blood Sugar

Red wine is also believed to be much better for you when it comes to its effect on your body’s blood sugar levels. Unlike white wine and rose, red wine doesn’t trigger spikes in blood sugar, making it healthier and easier for our bodies to process – it’s even considered a safer option for some diabetics.

So there you have it. Red wine may be higher in calories but it’s also higher in the good stuff! Which is your favourite wine? Have your say below.