Workout Happy: How to Beat the Exercise Blues

Posted by: esd admin

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Do your sessions in the gym leave you feeling less than invigorated? Do you slump out of your spin class feeling not exactly sprightly? Perhaps you end your runs feeling grumpy before trudging back home… Whatever your workout pain, a positive approach is crucial. This is what will keep you coming back for more, make you motivated, spur you on and get those endorphins doing their thing.

So why are your workouts leaving you in the doldrums? The experience is more common than you might think. Here’s why your current routine isn’t packing you with positivity – and how to change for the better…


1. You need more breaks

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is everywhere at the moment, but it’s a classic class for leaving you feeling less than sparkling about your performance and progress. That’s because these classes are designed to be intense and fast. But they’re also designed to incorporate short breaks. These breaks will give you the chance to recuperate so you can keep pushing hard – but many people get carried away with completing sets, skipping the essential breaks which can make the whole thing feel impossible. If you’re taking a HIIT class, focus on pushing as hard as you can for short periods, but never miss a break – even if you don’t complete a set.

2. You’re sleep deprived

Sleep is a big problem for us 21st century folks. From stress and screens to noise, it’s not always easy to get our full 7-8 hours, but these hours are critical to our recovery after workouts and to the energy we bring to the next session. If you’re floundering through workouts, give yourself a rest day so your body can recover.

3. You’re not getting results

Results and progress are what push many of us to keep up our fitness regimes, but if your progress plateaus, it’s hard to get enthusiastic about your routine. If you’re reached a stalemate, ask a personal trainer to give you some new moves and fresh pointers to push your progress further.

4. You’re doing the wrong workout

Exercise fads come and go, but your natural abilities and preferences should be what dictates the type of workouts you undertake. If hot yoga leaves you feeling sweaty and angry, switch to a boxercise class, or if HIIT feels too stressful, switch it up with a cycling club. Just make sure you love what you’re doing!

Do you love your fitness routine? How often do you feel less than positive about your approach? Share your stories and ideas for a boost with other readers below