Workout makeup: Do you boxercise bare-faced?

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Do you wear a little makeup to the gym or do you bench, bike and boxercise bare-faced? For some people, the idea of going somewhere public (and often image obsessed) without a little makeup on is terrifying. For others, the notion of putting on makeup only to sweat it off is inconceivable. Which camp do you fall into?

In the 21st Century we all have the freedom to do exactly as we please with our bodies and our faces (thank goodness!). For some of us that means getting red-faced, sweaty and feeling the burn without worrying about mascara melting. For others that means feeling confident when we step into our exercise space, with as much or as little coverage as we like.

If you are somebody who prefers to exercise without baring all (facially, anyway), we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you get your workout make up right (and not runny).


1. Try a specialist brand

Regular makeup simply isn’t designed to stand up to “high impact” situations like a ferocious workout. It can barely handle a summertime commute. So explore the specialst brands out there, like ClinqueFIT, which offer specially concocted makeup developed to go the distance.


2. Use a matte-ifying moisturiser underneath

If you’re serious about your exercise, you’re going to be doing plenty of sweating during your workout. Matte-ifying moisturisers (which soak up oils and moisture while keeping your skin hydrated) will offer a little more protection against makeup melting compared to regular moisturisers.


3. Invest in a serious mascara

The biggest melting makeup disasters tend to involve mascara which migrates to your jawbone. If you prefer to feel the burn with defined lashes, do your research and invest in a mascara with real staying power. Read plenty of reviews and don’t trust products which simply say “waterproof”.

Do you work out barefaced or wearing a little makeup? Do you have any workout makeup products you’d recommend? Have your say below.