X Yoga poses that will boost your fitness

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Savasana (AKA lying down for a little nap) may be your favourite yoga pose, but there are lots of other poses which will make you feel the burn. Although there are lots of variations in yoga, from style to style and teacher to teacher, it’s certainly not all slow and stretchy. In fact, lots of yoga positions and sequences are all about strength and power.

Want to add more fire to your yoga routine? These X poses will help you build strength and fitness.


1. Boat Pose

This pose is also known as navasana. Perform this position while sitting on your bottom. Stretch your arms out in front of you, raise your legs off the ground (balancing on your tailbone) and begin to lean backwards, keeping your back strong and straight. This movement should create a V shape with your entire body. Now – hold it!

This position is a brilliant pose for strengthening your core and we guarantee you’ll start to feel this all over – especially in the ab area. Every part of your body should be engaged to get this pose right.


2. Chair Pose

Time to power up your thighs and glutes. Utkatasana (also known as chair pose) should be performed with a slight bend in the knees, with your torso leaning slightly forwards and your arms pointing up above your head. Essentially, you want to feel as if you’re just about to sit down into an invisible chair. Keep your thighs squeezed together and make sure you can still see your toes when you look down to get the most out of this pose.


3. Warrior Three

Known in Hindi as Virabhadrasana III, this pose is all about balance and strength – especially in your legs. In this pose you will start in a simple Warrior two (a high lunge). Next, lean your torso forward over your front leg, lifting your back leg as you do so. You should reach a one-legged position, with your back leg lifted and in line with your horizontal torso and arms. This one is a challenge but you’ll be surprised by how quickly your strength and balance will improve.

What’s your favourite yoga position? Which poses really leave you aching the next day? Have your say below!