If you live in or near London’s Belgravia area and you are in need of a friendly, professional dentist who will give you the best in cosmetic dentistry as well as regular check-ups and advice on maintaining your oral health, Elizabeth Street Dentist can help.

Offering first class services across a range of cosmetic treatments that will help you restore confidence in your smile, we pride ourselves on the many options we give our customers. We believe in providing a complete service offering covering many aspects of dental health. Whether it’s cosmetic, or if you are wanting to have treatment to resolve underlying dental health issues, our dental hygienist and dental team will advise you on the best option available for you. Our clinical team have years of experience across a multitude of dental disciplines and we offer in-surgery care as well as home teeth whitening should you require it. You can expect cutting edge treatments, restorative care and professional advice, as well as a friendly smile when you visit us in Belgravia.


Teeth Whitening Belgravia

Staining is a problem with food and drink containing colour preservatives that can heavily stain your teeth on a daily basis, not to mention tea and coffee. Staining can cause you to be self-conscious and so we offer teeth whitening services in Victoria through porcelain veneers, at-home and in-surgery teeth whitening and also, Invisalign treatment. Our service is designed to help restore your smile and give you your confidence back without having to change your lifestyle completely. Discoloration can occur over time and with ageing so regular appointments with our dental hygienist will help maintain the aesthetics of your teeth as well as your overall oral health.

Fast Braces Belgravia

At Elizabeth Street Dentist we use a revolutionary new system designed for comfort and a fast and affordable solution for braces. Allowing for the roots of the teeth to move towards their final positions right from the beginning of the treatment (as opposed to traditional braces which are tweaked over a 2 year period). Some patients see results in weeks but normally our own Dr Monica Amin who is an approved dentist in conjunction with the Fast braces team in the USA, will customise each treatment per patient to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you required braces, ask us today on whether Fast braces are suitable for you. An assessment will be carried out on whether you can use Fast Braces or require a standard brace fitting.

Just some of the advantages of Fast Braces:

• Simple treatment
• Natural Bite preserved
• Just one wire
• 3 months to a year for treatment
• Lower treatment cost
• Retainers post treatment to be worn 15-30 minutes a day

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Our dental rehabilitation in Belgravia offers reconstruction to help you eat and speak with confidence and comfort. A lot of elements that make up the structure of the mouth can sometimes become damaged or not function for one reason or another and a mouth reconstruction treatment will help to resolve this. Whether it’s replacing missing teeth, addressing faulty bites or repairing gum or tooth damage, as well as treating diseases of the mouth, Elizabeth Street Dentist can help. Our full mouth reconstruction treatments in Belgravia include:

• Implant dentistry
• Restorative dental treatments
• Cosmetic dentistry
• Orthodontics including Invisalign
• Periodontal treatments including scaling and root planning

We know it can be daunting to talk about mouth reconstruction and that’s why we can discuss your options with you and give you as much information as possible to give you peace of mind and to explain what each treatment will entail.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a common problem which can cause further underlying issues. Pockets form between the gum and the teeth which then encourages bacteria and food to sit and potentially cause the fibres of the tooth to deteriorate and result in a lost tooth. Trapping plaque and bacteria and the formation of calculus, it’s important that you receive professional cleaning and treatment on a regular basis to maintain your oral health.

Our trained hygienist in Belgravia will offer advice and support on the correct treatment and home care for preventing further problems. Warning signs for gum disease are fairly extensive and any of the following could be a clear indication that you may have a gum problem.

• Swelling
• Bleeding gums
• Teeth alignment
• Receding gums
• Tooth sensitivity

As part of our treatment service we will also provide an x ray scan and look for Gingivitis and Periodontitis, which can affect the tissue keeping the teeth in place. Although Orange juice for example is problematic for staining and the sugars contained within, we recommend vitamin C-rich foods and drink, which will help maintain the connective tissues and bone growth within your gums. There are many common myths about gum disease but as a serious dental condition we recommend looking for the obvious symptoms so it can be addressed as soon as possible.


Fresh Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing and a major problem in social situations. Many of us are guilty of the occasional bad morning breath or the strong odour after a meal of garlic and onion but these are passive odours which can be removed by regular brushing. The issue with permanent bad breath is that unless you maintain healthy mouth hygiene, Halitosis can set in and the bacteria that coats the teeth and gums can cause further problems. Common drinks such as tea and coffee are problematic in that they can stain the teeth over time and although it’s difficult to cut these out of your diet, you can counteract the negatives with regular brushing and visits to our hygienist in Belgravia.

The plaque that builds up releases gases and can contribute to gum disease and dental decay and that’s another reason why you should maintain your oral health through regular brushing. Mouthwash can also help alleviate bad breath but we also recommend regular appointments with our dental hygienist to advise and support you on the best methods to use. Sugar free chewing gum creates more saliva in the mouth and this also helps to fight bacteria. Water is also a good preventative to keeping your mouth healthy and clean and giving you fresh breath.


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As experts in our industry, we are proud to offer cosmetic and preventative dental services. These include not only teeth whitening and fresh breath treatments but also bridge installations, dental implants and Porcelain dental veneers. We also offer specific screenings for identifying symptoms of mouth cancer. Our qualified professionals will provide an accurate picture on your oral health and offer support on future treatments. Whatever your requirements, our team at Elizabeth Street Dentist are friendly, professional and fully qualified to give you the necessary information on how we can help you maintain your smile with confidence and the treatments needed to achieve it.