Porcelain Veneers offer a great way to create a cleaner and more attractive look for those wanting to cover stained teeth. They are thin durable sections of porcelain which are bonded to the tooth. Staining is a common problem and although teeth whitening is a great option for maintaining this clean look, porcelain veneers offer a more permanent solution, particularly for those with crooked or broken teeth. In comparison to composite bonding, which provides a plastic alternative, porcelain veneers are recommended for teeth that are aesthetically problematic as they are more durable. We offer dental veneer treatment in London covers Chelsea, Belgravia and Victoria.


Benefits of Porcelain Veneers in Victoria and Belgravia


  • Veneers last 10 years or more without breaking
  • They offer a long lasting solution
  • Strong and durable
  • Natural looking and made to match the natural tooth colour
  • Stain resistant against common causes, such as coffee and tea
  • Helps give confidence and “gives you back your smile”
  • Can be used to fix gaps and fill in for missing teeth
  • Easy maintenance with more resistance to cavities and permanent staining
  • Less invasive than traditional restorations, such as dental crowns, with no need for anaesthesia
  • Fast Procedure which usually only takes two visits to complete the procedure
  • Compatible with other treatments, such as teeth whitening, fillings and bridges
  • Helps protect vulnerable teeth and chips and cracks in existing teeth



Myths of Porcelain Veneers



Veneers are noticeable

This is not accurate. The technology used provides veneers with a more natural appearance and this enables them to blend in with your other teeth.


Veneers are too expensive

Veneers are used Worldwide and many people use them to improve appearance as they are an effective solution at an affordable cost. They are not as expensive as other cosmetic dental treatments and they are also a quicker, easier procedure with only a couple of visits necessary to complete the treatment.


Porcelain Veneers Break

The assumption that porcelain is fragile is not applicable to porcelain veneers. The veneer is made of ceramic and just uses “porcelain” as a way to describe the colour of that ceramic. Once bonded to the tooth, it is extremely strong and it has a long-lasting effect.


Porcelain Veneers are high maintenance

Veneers are not high maintenance. Regular brushing and flossing is necessary but otherwise, there will be no staining or deterioration, with an expected 10 year lifespan.


You’ll have to give up certain foods

The benefit of porcelain veneers is that they offer an improved aesthetic for stained or broken/chipped teeth and porcelain veneers do not stain from common drinks, such as coffee, juice and acidic foods.


Veneers are painful to wear

Veneers are created based on some tooth material that is taken pre-treatment. There is generally no discomfort when fitting them and anaesthesia can be used but in most cases, there is no pain associated with veneers.


Veneers require the teeth to be filed down a lot

Material from your teeth does need to be taken, however, it’s a thin layer that is required and this does not weaken your tooth structure. This layer enables the veneer to fit down onto the tooth without adding extra “bulk”. The layer taken is extremely thin and this is to ensure that they fit naturally and doesn’t affect the “shape” of your mouth.


You can only have a full set of veneers

Some people only have one or two teeth which they want to “fix” aesthetically and veneers can be produced and fitted for individual teeth. Maybe they are misshapen or stained. Veneers can be fitted for single teeth and you don’t have to have a full set to enjoy the benefits of porcelain veneers.