Dentistry has many complex procedures which can offer restorative treatments and effective cosmetic elements. Although the number of treatments has increased over the years, many of them have only been possible because of the technology available and the significant advancements in dental surgical equipment.

50 years ago the process for a simple filling would have been less comfortable for the patient, without anaesthetic gels available and no doubt a longer treatment time overall. Filling materials have changed over the years too, from the standard mercury silver fillings, to numerous tooth-coloured composite and ceramic fillings. The ability to perform teeth whitening has also been made possible thanks to new technology allowing quick, safe treatment on a regular basis which has become as popular for some people as getting their hair done.

I-Tero Scanner

With regards to dental technology, one of the most advanced pieces of equipment is the Invisalign I-Tero scanner. At Elizabeth Street Dentist we use the latest in technology to treat our patients, covering a wide range of requirements including crown or bridge restorations, or Invisalign treatments. The Intraoral scanner provides us unrivalled flexibility and visibility to be able to create new treatment plans for implant solutions, veneers and other orthodontic procedures.

The scanner also enables us to use online planning and pre-visualise your treatment, giving us a useful advanced picture of how we can achieve what you want. The process is comprehensive and you can read in more detail here about how we use the I-Tero Scanner.

I-Tero scan

I-Tero Scanner Benefits

The I-Tero intraoral scanner is fast, reliable and provides us as practitioners a great option for previsualisation of our patients treatments. We can use scans for crowns, bridges, implants and many other dental procedures and this technology helps us give our patients the best experience possible. It offers planning, insight and expected outcomes for our patients, with an effective “outcome simulator” which offers the ability to show what their teeth would look like after Invisalign treatment.

Just some of the benefits from this technology include:

  • Engineered to capture 6,000 frames per second
  • 20x faster scan speeds than previous models
  • Real time 3D Scanner with a visualisation digital scan option
  • Quick Results
  • Element scanner offers lighter wand (40% smaller)
  • Integrated gyro tech for rotation of models on screen
  • 19” high def multi touch display
  • Continuous scanning with colour itero scanning
  • Auto data saving
  • No battery backup required
  • Optical Laser scanning gives high level precision & accuracy
  • No powder or hovering necessary
  • Outcome Simulator
  • 3D digital model files available for treatments such as crowns, bridges and abutments
  • Technology can work with any material for previsualisation, such as, porcelain, zirconia, composite and gold