At Elizabeth Street Dentist we provide a host of treatments to help you maintain good oral health. From dental implants and gum disease treatments, to cosmetic services including teeth whitening and porcelain veneers we can give you the full range of dental treatments.

Teeth Whitening in Sloane Street

The teeth whitening treatments include traditional whitening, as well as sophisticated techniques to improve the overall appearance of your teeth. In order to combat discoloration and natural ageing that occurs over time, we use whitening gel combined with a specific treatment technique using a Whitespeed lamp. Our dentists on Sloane Street also offer at-home whitening where we can take a mould of your teeth and provide a solution for you to use daily via a customised mouth tray. We will also offer advice and support on how to maintain your healthy looking smile and keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Our full treatment services include teeth whitening, full mouth rehabilitation, metal free crowns and bridge installations. Our specialist dental hygienist can offer a full mouth assessment and check for any potential problems, from cosmetic staining to signs of gum disease. We can also give screenings to check for symptoms of mouth cancer and provide a preventative plan to improve overall oral health.

We have years of experience across multiple treatments and our clinical team of experts believe in providing the best dental care in London. Offering a friendly relaxing experience and dental technicians who inspire confidence, our team at Elizabeth Street are committed to excellence in our industry.

Gum Disease Treatment on Sloane Street

Gum Disease is more common than you would think and it can be often simple things that cause gum disease to occur. Plaque is the main culprit and if it is allowed to build up between and on your teeth, it can cause major problems. Pockets can form between the gum and the teeth, which allows build up of bacteria and eventually causes the loss of teeth. Red and swollen gums are a warning sign of gum disease and this can also be caused by brushing too hard, which can result in receding gums. Regular brushing can prevent bacteria forming in and around the teeth and flossing can also stop plaque building up and hardening, which can then cause further problems.

X-ray scans can show the underlying bone of your teeth and assessment of any pockets that have developed. Swelling, bleeding gums, sensitivity and receding gums are just some of the symptoms of potential gum disease and we recommend visiting our dental office in and around Sloane Square to receive a thorough check-up and to receive advice on the best course of action to take. You can see the most common myths of gum disease here and the facts helping to identify the symptoms.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a great alternative to full restorative treatment, if your teeth are effectively healthy but require a visual aide in order to give them an improved look. Veneers are a covering that fit over the front of your teeth and provide a visually improved “veneer” over the actual teeth which may be suffering from staining or perhaps just an unwanted shape. Although not a permanent solution and something that will need replacing over time due to ageing and wear and tear, veneers are a great way to help regain your confidence in your smile.

Operating in and around Sloane Square, we would offer a temporary covering whilst our dental lab constructs a suitable veneer. After around 10 days during your second visit you will receive the new veneer fittings over the teeth. We will offer care instructions on how to look after them and we will always check them with every routine visit to the dentist.

Metal Free Crowns

Dental Crowns are alternatives to fillings when the tooth is beyond restorative treatment and our metal free crowns offer a 360-degree covering for a tooth which may be weakened by decay. They can also help prevent the damaged tooth from “breaking” if it is in a poor state of health but doesn’t need removing. With your first visit to us, we will trim the tooth down so that the crown can be accommodated and a temporary one will be fitted.

The actual crown will be fitted about 10 days later, offering a permanent covering and a solution for a tooth that perhaps could not be removed but required help.

Mouth Cancer Screenings

Regular check-ups are vital to maintain your oral health, not just with your teeth and gums but also to provide in-depth checks for symptoms of mouth cancer. Tumours can grow on the tongue or lips and anywhere within the mouth or throat. At our dentist in Sloane Square we can ensure there are no warning signs early on and give you peace of mind by performing mouth cancer screening. Depending on your lifestyle, there are many things that could potentially cause this disease but heavy smoking and drinking are still the core causes of mouth cancer, particularly with those aged between 50-75. Our hygienist is fully trained and will perform checks to see if you have any of the symptoms and advise accordingly for further treatment if necessary, but hopefully they will be able to give you a clean bill of health.

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At Elizabeth Street Dentist you’ll also have access to a wide range of other cosmetic dentistry in Sloane Square, with treatments ranging from high-quality porcelain veneers to our rehabilitation and teeth whitening service to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. We are based near Sloane Square.