Nervous Dental Patients

As an established name in the field of dentistry, throughout London Victoria, Belgravia and Chelsea, Elizabeth Street Dentist fully understands the worries and concerns many people have with visiting the dentists, being nervous patient is something we are very familiar with. Millions of people across the UK have a real fear of the dentist and unfortunately, it can lead to many patients ignoring obvious problems, which can then cause a lot of pain and damage in the long run if they are not treated.

Sometimes there are cases of people who have not been to the dentist since childhood and are now concerned about the health of their teeth. In other instances, people have a mild fear and have just put the inevitable check-up on hold for far too long.

We decided that our approach would help to assure our patients that we do everything in our power to make them as comfortable as possible. Fear can take different forms and certainly, different patients suffer from different concerns and anxieties. Some may not like the dentist because of the smells and feelings it can conjure up or perhaps, it’s the fear of pain and the invasiveness which is sometimes required with many treatments. Whatever it is, we work to counteract that fear with calm, professional and friendly advice and support, so that you are confident you’re in good hands.

It’s also a pleasure for us to be able to deliver your treatment in a way that means you are more relaxed, comfortable and happy. This is incredibly satisfying for us, when we can help you overcome your apprehensions and fears of the dentist and provide you with the necessary treatment.

Treating Fear of the Dentist as a Nervous Patient

We want to know in advance if you have any concerns or fears and we encourage you to tell us so that we can make the necessary alterations ready for when you have your treatment. We also believe in being as open as possible and by explaining the procedure in question and answering any questions you may have, this will help you understand what will happen and help put your mind at ease.

It’s not just chronic fear patients we help either. We also recommend various little “tasks” you can play out in your mind or do whilst receiving the treatment in order to take your mind off things. These can be as simple as wiggling each toe from right to left and back again, or making a shopping list of ingredients for various meals. Anything of that nature which requires a thought process, in order to ease your mind and give you something else to concentrate on, is a great technique for those patients who just want to take their mind off things for a while.

Often, as with any problems in life, talking and discussing your fears can play a big part in overcoming them and at Elizabeth Street Dentist we want to make your visits as stress-free as possible. We understand it can be an emotional experience for some and we endeavour to make sure you are as comfortable as we can make you. As you get to know Dr Monica Amin and her team and have more regular treatments and check-ups, over time your fears will hopefully reside and visiting the dentist will become a more pleasant and manageable experience. Dental care can then become a routine event which will only mean a healthier mouth and a happier smile.

Dental Anaesthetic Gel & Other Treatments

There have been a lot of advances in the dental industry over the last decade and many of the techniques used perhaps 10-15 years ago are no longer applicable and there are more comfortable solutions available now. Simple changes such as drill noises are a lot quieter than they used to be and dental equipment on display is less noticeable now, as many surgeries are focused on making the environment much more friendly and calming.

One of the biggest fears of the dentist for many people, is the required injection to anaesthetise the teeth and gums so the treatment is trouble free. Of course, needle phobias are very common and that’s why we always use numbing gel before an injection. Some patients suffer from sensitive teeth which can heighten anxiety but we find that by use of topical gel prior to placing the anaesthetic is a lot less stressful for our patients and a lot more comfortable and often our patients don’t even realise we have done the task at hand.

With regards to our Botox and dermal filler treatment, as well as dental filling treatments, the process is different and obviously uses a different set of techniques but injections are necessary and a part of the treatment. We can discuss this process with you personally and go through what to expect and you can read about the treatment here.

*We do not have sedation facilities at present time in-house at Elizabeth Street Dentist but if needed we can arrange for a sedation practitioner at an additional cost to come in with all the relevant equipment and drugs required for the treatment to be carried out under sedation. Read more about our filling treatments and the most common FAQs on fillings here.