Teeth Whitening is a common procedure now for a lot of people, with discoloration a frequent problem because of acidic drinks, tea and coffee and teeth staining foods. Smoking and excessive fluoride can also stain teeth.

Our teeth whitening treatment in Chelsea offers an easy solution to help create a healthier looking smile with at-home whitening available after the initial whitening treatment process.

Let’s look at some quick facts about why you should consider teeth whitening as a viable cosmetic dental option to improve your smile.


Benefits of Teeth Whitening Treatment in Chelsea, Belgravia

  • Clean and improved smile
  • Enhances appearance
  • Affordable way of maintaining dental health
  • Safe way of treating your teeth
  • Creates a good first impression
  • Bespoke treatment dependent on your needs
  • Choice of shade
  • Long-lasting
  • Quick and efficient process
  • Cost effective
  • Regular treatment solution for maintaining clean teeth
  • Flexible solution for ongoing maintenance through at-home whitening kits between sessions


Myths of Teeth Whitening

There are so many myths about teeth whitening it’s impossible to list them all but here’s a list of the most common:


Teeth Whitening harms enamel

The “chemical melt” theory is actually a misconception about melting off the enamel. The pores that are opened during the bleaching process, close again post treatment and so the bleach does not “melt” off the outer layer completely.


Use whitening toothpaste as a cheaper, just-as-effective treatment for whitening

These just remove the average stains from your teeth but they don’t change the intrinsic colouring. In fact, over-use of teeth whitening-specific paste can actually wear away the coating and create sensitivity over time.


You shouldn’t drink coffee and tea or any other staining drinks

This is completely irrelevant and not true. If you have teeth whitening, even regular food can stain and eventually “dirty” your teeth. You won’t maintain the same level of “whiteness” even with regular visits for teeth whitening every year. The only way to avoid staining over time is to use a straw – and that’s just not practical.


Crowns and fillings can also be whitened

No they can’t. The teeth whitening should be performed before the crown or filling is done. This is so that the dentist can at least try and match the veneers or filling material to the existing newly-whitened teeth. Fillings generally are either silver amalgam or the more durable composite resin which normally matches most regular colouring.


Bleaching whitening treatment lasts forever

This is not true. Teeth Whitening is effective but it doesn’t last forever. In total it can “last” 2 years but it’s a cosmetic treatment and after a few months it can start to fade.


You can whiten your teeth with baking soda

This is clearly false and aside from the fact it will not be good hygienically in your mouth on a regular basis, it would also taste awful.


Sensitivity gets worse after teeth whitening treatment

This is not true and anyone (over 18) can have teeth whitening treatment even if they have sensitive teeth and in this case, the dentist would assess the best course of action to reduce sensitivity during the process.


Teeth Whitening treatment would guarantee a perfect, “Hollywood” smile

No. Teeth Whitening does a great job of removing surface stains for a longer period of time and helps to create a healthier looking smile but ultimately it doesn’t affect the shape and structure of your teeth. Even if you don’t have crooked or slightly misaligned teeth or perhaps, you are lucky to have no gaps at all, you would still need advanced whitening and dental procedures to get a 100% “perfect” smile.