5 Reasons why so many people Choose Elizabeth Street Dentist

  1. Many of our patients travel to visit us years after they have moved away from the area.
  2. The daughter test – everything we do we will be happy to do for our daughter also, if it’s not good enough for her, it’s not good enough for you.
  3. Our clinic faces a beautiful small garden/courtyard, a little oasis of tranquillity away from the busyness of London.
  4. We invest in the latest technology including digital intraoral cameras and 3-D scanning so you have a more comfortable experience with minimal impression gloop.
  5. We want you to feel good about your smile, we’re here to help you stay healthy and improve your teeth for maximum confidence.

We are not the cheapest dental practice around and we don’t want to be, we are here to provide clinical excellence in a modern and peaceful environment, ensuring you enjoy the best treatment from some of the best dentists in London..

Our Price Guideline

Treatment From
Routine Examination £65.00
New Patient Exam Teeth & Gum disease monitoring, 2 X-rays: Click here to see what’s included £99.00
X-rays (Small) £15.00
Children Examination £40.00
Emergency Consultation, Temporary Filling and X-ray £105.00
Crown/Bridge Recement £99.00
White Filling (per tooth) £125.00
Crown & Bridge (per tooth) £800.00
Veneer (per tooth) £850.00
Hygienist Session £95.00
In Surgery Zoom Whitening Including Zoom Home Treatment Kit £495.00
Home Whitening (2 jaws) £199.00
Invisable Braces (Invisalign) £1495.00

Note this list is meant to be a guide to our charges and is not exhaustive.

A new patient examination includes

  • A 3D digital scan of your teeth, this allows us to show your full smile in 3-D animation so we can discuss your teeth and gums easily.
  • Your likes and dislikes about your smile on what you’re wanting to achieve from having us as your dentist.
  • A face-to-face discussion at eye level with the dentist, we know people don’t like lying back in the dental chair with us looking down on them. We promise we won’t do this.
  • A full clinical assessment including gums, jaw and oral cancer screening.
  • If you require treatment (and it’s absolutely fine if you don’t) we will provide a full treatment plan including timescales and costs.
  • If you have your own dentist and are coming to us for more advanced treatments and will also write to your referring dentist to let them know what treatment you are having with us.

Everyone attending the practice will receive a written treatment plan and estimate of the cost before the start of your treatment. The quoted fee can increase for complicated or more complex treatment challenges.

We accept all forms of Debit and Credit Cards within the practice as well as cash and cheque.

We will assist you in filling out your insurance form if you have dental insurance so that you may be reimbursed.