Our Chelsea and Pimlico service can help ensure you are not at risk and give you peace of mind and advice on oral hygiene, in order to avoid problems in the future.

What is Mouth Cancer?

Mouth Cancer can occur when cells grow and reproduce at an uncontrollable rate in the mouth or on the tonsils and pharynx. A tumour could grow on the surface of the tongue or lips and anywhere within the mouth or throat area.

Mouth Cancer Screening Service in Victoria

The early signs of mouth cancer can often be seen. When changes are found early there is a very good chance of a cure and lifestyle choices have a big effect on our risk of mouth cancer. Studies have shown that people who are at the highest risk, are smokers and heavy drinkers but vigilance and early detection can save lives. Sometimes, the early signs of mouth cancer do not cause pain or discomfort but they can be seen and our oral hygiene experts have special training to help them identify health problems and are often the first to spot early changes through our mouth cancer screenings in Victoria and Chelsea.

Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

This is why a regular Dental Check up is important and here at Elizabeth Street clinic in Belgravia and Victoria, our trained experts can give you a thorough dental check to ensure your mouth is healthy. Symptoms can be ulcers, lumps or red or white patches in the mouth or on the tongue and these are things that our dentist and dental hygienists will look for when treating you. The usual age range for those people most at risk is 50-74 years old but with smoking and drinking becoming an ongoing problem with younger people, there is unfortunately the potential for more diagnosed cases.

Help & Support

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a registered charity that raises awareness of mouth cancers and provides information and support to patients, carers and health professionals.

If you need a dental check up, visit us at Elizabeth Street Dentist and our trained hygienists in Victoria can offer a full treatment for dental hygiene and provide an assessment of your oral health.

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For more information on cancer screaning visit www.vizilite.com