Dental Hygienist in Belgravia, Chelsea and Victoria

After visiting our dental hygienist in Belgravia and Chelsea you will end up with a stain-free brighter smile. Most importantly though, you will have the knowledge on how to keep it that way.

Maintaining your dental hygiene in Belgravia, at our specialist treatment practice is as important as regular check-ups and that’s why at Elizabeth Street Dentist we provide a dental hygienist to help you to keep your smile looking healthy. Not every practice has a dental hygienist but we want to offer our clients everything they need to ensure good oral health. Focusing primarily on preventative dental health, our dental hygienist is fully qualified to identify potential oral health problems and to provide treatment for gum disease, advising you how to keep your teeth healthy at home.

Dental Hygienist Duties & Cleaning Process in Victoria, Chelsea

It’s advisable to have a cleaning appointment every three to six months to help remove plaque build up and tartar, which can accumulate between the teeth and behind them. Regular and thorough brushing is effective of course but there is usually a minimal amount of build up that can occur over time, caused by food and drink. Staining is another common concern which can leave your teeth looking worn and discoloured. With tea and coffee, red wine and sugary drinks as the main culprit, this is one of the most common ailments which needs resolving through teeth whitening or just a thorough clean. Of course there is also the risk of health issues when dental health is ignored and this can lead to conditions such as Bruxia and halitosis.

Removing the plaque and tartar is a process which the dental hygienist will perform with a scale and polish and they will advise you on your diet and how to prevent further build up and tooth decay, which could result in needing a tooth removed, dental implants or root canal treatment if the nerve is exposed. This can all cause tooth sensitivity in the long run.

Oral Hygienist in Victoria – Additional Treatment

Hygienists are professionally trained to advise on oral health and to provide cleaning treatments but they can also offer dental x-rays to review and to give an overall picture of your teeth and the health behind them. This will help diagnose potential future problems and will give an idea of whether any further work is necessary.

Our dental hygienist cleaning service in Chelsea is effective and painless but our specialist can also offer teeth whitening and fissure sealants, including “pit” sealing for the front of the tooth, to help improve the aesthetics of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Prices


Treatment From
Home Teeth Whitening with Gel £199.00
Zoom Home Teeth Whitening System £275.00
In Surgery Zoom Teeth Whitening with take home kit £495.00

Dental Hygienist Cleaning Recommendations

Simple brushing techniques will help you keep your teeth healthy and looking clean. A visit to our dental hygienist will include advice, as well as necessary treatment which may involve a thorough clean and polish or teeth whitening.

We recommend the following steps as a minimum for maintaining your oral health:

  • Brush twice a day
  • Use Fluoride toothpaste
  • Replace your tooth brush every six months
  • Brush with small circular movements
  • Use dental floss or inter-dental brushes for between-the-teeth brushing
  • Work each area of the mouth systematically over the course of two minutes
  • Use a small “pea-size” amount of toothpaste
  • Visit the dentist twice a year
  • Don’t brush your teeth within 30 minutes of drinking or eating acidic or stain-inducing food and drink

We also recommend trying an electric toothbrush. Although they are not suitable for everyone and sometimes have side effects depending on your oral health, they can reach and clean your teeth more thoroughly than you ever could with a normal toothbrush. Rotations of over a 1000 per minute and using sensors to indicate brushing pressure, as well as a brushing timer, they really are a great option to consider for daily brushing. We can discuss the benefits of electronic toothbrushes during your appointment, should you wish to know more.


I am a new patient and I only want to see the Hygienist. What are the rules?

Under recent changes to Dental legislation, dental hygienists can now work under their own prescription unlike before whereby they needed to conform to the prescription of the dentist. At Elizabeth Street Dentist, we prefer all of our patients existing as well as new, to have dental hygienist treatment including gum assessments and treatment planning prior to having their treatment with the hygienist.

I am an existing patient and I want to see the hygienist in between my check-ups?

As you already have a prescription in your notes, you can make an appointment to see the hygienist directly. However you should keep regular yearly appointments with the dentist to keep the prescription up to date.

I am already registered with another dentist, but would like to only see the hygienist at your practice. What is the procedure?

This is possible and quite simple. However, you will require a simple referral letter or an email from your dentist outlining what he wishes from our hygienist. We require this brief referral to comply with Dental legislation. Our hygienist will send a report of her care to your dentist at the end of her treatment for his notes. The charges incurred are paid to our practice in the usual manner.