Dentures vs Implants in Victoria, Chelsea

Dentures are an option to fill gaps where teeth are missing or where a tooth has been recently removed. It can be used to fill multiple or single spaces with one prosthesis but it is important to remember that Dentures are removable appliances and so are not permanently fixed into the mouth.

Alternatively, Implants are permanently fixed restorations which enable a person to have a single or multiple spaces filled without the need to take out the prosthesis. Check out the benefits of dental implants.

By sitting over the gums they reduce any problems caused by gaps and they are available as partial or complete dentures. Partial will replace specific teeth in the mouth or complete dentures will replace either your upper or lower teeth.

Sometimes nothing can be done with unhealthy teeth and so if they are removed, dentures are the ideal solution to help keep your smile looking healthy and to enable you to eat with confidence.

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Removable Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a literal stop gap solution for one or two individual missing teeth. Usually a plastic or metal plate which clips to your surrounding teeth with metal clasps, partials are ideal for keeping your smile looking healthy and normal.

Some potential downsides to partial dentures include a build up of plaque on the underside of the fitting which can overtime cause inflammation and infection. Also, there is a risk of resorption if it pressures the ridges and jawbone. Ensure the fitting is correct and that it is designed accordingly to your mouth, as a poor quality partial denture can cause problems later on.

Permanent Dentures

Permanent Dentures carry with them the advantage of requiring less maintenance then removable alternatives. Permanent Dentures can be described as dentures held in place by implants and so they could be considered to be more secure in the mouth than conventional dentures. However they still can be removed and should be removed during daily cleaning of the mouth and at night to let the tissues in the mouth oxygenate. In contrast, partial dentures are a device whereby a person can fill a gap but rely on the fact that the patient also has some of their own teeth, onto which the partial denture can utilise attachment to in order to be retained well.

How To Clean Dentures

Dentures should be looked after well in order to help increase their longevity and to also minimise bacterial build up.

Our dentures treatment in Chelsea and Victoria mean that dentures can be cleaned in various different ways as follows:

  • with a denture cleaning brush and toothpaste
  • with denture cleaning products and tablets, for example Steradent
  • with special denture cleaning ultrasonic type baths and cleaning products designed to be used within

Benefits and Process of Dentures Treatments in Chelsea

Benefits of dentures include improved dental hygiene, confidence in your smile and long term dental health. Dentures also have benefits to patients whereby loss of teeth is likely to be a frequent occurrence, for example in the case of people with Gum Disease. The denture can have a tooth or teeth added to it within the day so that the patient is not left with a space unfilled for a long time.

Maintenance is important and regular brushing is of course recommended. They are usually designed specifically for you and shaped for your mouth and they can be a more cost effective option for a patient to restore spaces in the mouth in comparison to Bridges and Implants. Check out our Dentures FAQs here.

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