We all know that everyday life takes its toll on us, particularly on our health and our teeth are certainly no exception. With tea and coffee being the prime suspect with regards to staining, it’s something we are all aware of but ultimately, it’s also a favourite pastime which is unlikely to change just for the sake of keeping your teeth super-white. However, as with most dental concerns, there is a solution which means you won’t have to give up those caffeine kicks or fruit juices altogether and you can regain that super smile you once enjoyed.

Regular teeth cleaning at the dentist is recommended with each yearly visit along with your check-up, as it’s more than likely that you will probably have a normal level of build up of plaque or debris which has accumulated over the year. This would be cleaned to prevent any problems in the future and is generally considered good “mouth maintenance”. Typically, your teeth could look significantly better just by cleaning out those gaps and cleaning along the gum line, as well as any pits you have on your teeth, where the enamel has worn.

However, should you require more advanced cleaning and wish to really improve the overall appearance of your teeth, you can consider our Zoom Teeth Whitening services in London.

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Zoom Whitening Process in London Victoria, Chelsea

Zoom teeth whitening uses a bleaching process to help reduce discolouration of the enamel on your teeth. The stains left by drinking (coffee, tea, juices etc.) as well as foods, can be reduced by using this process via the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp which utilises the bleaching process. By activating the hydrogen peroxide whitening, it breaks down and oxygen enters the enamel and bleaches the area. This intensive procedure helps to further clean the surface and the dentin of the tooth to remove stains and discolouration from not only food and drink but also natural ageing. The tooth structure is not affected by this process.

The process we employ in our facility in Victoria, only takes about an hour, with preparation to the teeth and gums required, before the dentist applies the peroxide whitening gel. We would normally want to perform a standard clean first just to ensure the gum lines and the teeth are thoroughly clean before performing the Zoom procedure, in order to give you the most effective results.
We will prepare by covering the lips and gums, exposing the teeth so they can apply the whitening gel. The light is then activated onto the gel for three 15 minute sessions, followed by a fluoride paste to reduce sensitivity.

Zoom Whitening Aftercare in Victoria

As mentioned before, there are primary culprits such as tea and coffee, or smoking which will stain your teeth and although we understand it would be unreasonable for you to give these up, we would suggest perhaps reducing your intake. However, we can also advise regular treatment and check-ups, as well as using dental floss and inter-dental brushes in order to keep your teeth clean from build up between your teeth. Oral hygiene is important in maintaining your overall dental appearance and we suggest using recommended toothpaste with whitening agents in, to maintain the whitening appearance as a result of the treatment.

Depending on your teeth, the results from the Zoom whitening can vary. Some people will experience more intense whitening than others but overall, the effect will improve your smile and appearance. We provide you with a home whitening kit which will enable you to maintain to some degree the required shade that you want for your teeth and our specialists are available to discuss the procedure in Belgravia and Chelsea.

Zoom Teeth Whitening FAQs

How long does it last?

As with any dental cosmetic treatment, it won’t last forever simply due to the training endured from daily eating and drinking. However, we suggest you would have between 2-3 years before requiring further whitening treatment. The whole process would be repeated should you decide to have power whitening performed again. Alternatively, you can use home whitening trays, with top up gels available on prescription. This would allow you to top up every couple of months, helping you to maintain results for longer.

Are there side effects?

Many dental treatments have the possibility of side effects, including irritation or sensitivity. Mostly, these are short-term and minor and generally only last a few days. Overall, the process is safe and effective.

Can anybody have treatment?

All patients are able to have the Zoom whitening treatment in principle, however, we would advise against it for those who may be pregnant or have pre-existing issues with sensitivity. We have no known negative effects even in these circumstances but as a precaution we would review on a case by case basis.

Will the Zoom whitening effect my crowns or fillings?

The Zoom teeth whitening process is designed to only affect natural tooth material and will not affect any existing fillings or crowns. If you decide to, you can have fillings and crowns lightened to match the shade of your teeth at a later date, post-Zoom treatment.

Will Zoom improve my teeth colour?

No matter what treatment you have, nothing can improve your dental health more than regular check-ups and effective, daily brushing. Food and drink can affect your tooth colouring, resulting in staining over time and the Zoom Power Whitening treatment we provide in Chelsea and Victoria, offers the opportunity to improve whitening and make your teeth appear whiter and brighter. Smoking is another cause of staining but although the power whitening service would improve your tooth colouring, we always advise reducing your consumption of stain-inducing foods and to use at-home top up treatments to maintain your clean smile. Effectively, Zoom whitening can help give you a brighter, whiter smile but we recommend maintaining this with regular visits and at-home whitening kits.