Your Options to Replace Missing Teeth
Replacing missing teeth gives you:

✔ Improved quality-of-life
✔ Support for your lips and cheeks giving an anti-ageing and wrinkle reduction  effect
✔ The ability to choose what you want from the menu
✔ The freedom to never be the last to finish food again, unless you want to!
✔ The freedom to choose healthy food over simple to eat food
✔ Confidence in public

There are a range of ways to replace missing teeth including

Dental Implants
Often the preferred option as they give the maximum cosmetic appearance as well is supporting the underlying bone and surrounding teeth.
Modern cosmetic dentist can be made to look incredibly lifelike, either blending in with your surrounding teeth or totally changing your smile if all of your teeth need to be replaced..
Dental Bridges
Dental bridges bridge the gap where at least is lost, one of the biggest disadvantages is that they often require production of healthy tooth tissue on the teeth either side of the space

We are fortunate to have patients travelled from around the local area including Chelsea and Victoria.