We offer a full treatment service for bad breath in Belgravia and Victoria, with an expert dental team who can advise on aspects such as diet, lifestyle and also what products you can use to help fight against it.

By visiting the dentist and a hygienist we can suggest specialised toothpastes and mouth rinses and sprays available, which can help you feel more confident and fresh after regular use.

What Causes Bad Breath?

We all know certain foods can cause long lasting odours, such as garlic or cheese and drinks can also have an effect too, including alcohol and coffee. Constant consumption of these types of food and drinks can create a problematic condition if oral hygiene isn’t maintained.

Also known as Halitosis, bad breath has been known to affect at least 20% of the population in the UK and is a constant occurrence for those with dental problems. The overwhelming cause of bad breath is essentially what is happening in your mouth. The bacteria that coat your teeth and gums (plaque) release gases that cause this problem and also cause gum disease and dental decay. Poor oral hygiene, trapped food debris and smoking are the biggest causes but left unchecked, it can spiral out of control.

In rare cases, halitosis can be caused by medical conditions such as liver failure or if a person is taking certain medication for treatment but mostly, it is due to poor oral hygiene and that is where you need to combat the problem; the mouth.

What Can I do?

Our fresh breath treatment in Belgravia and the Pimlico and Chelsea area of London can help combat bad breath but there are things which you can do on a daily basis to aid in improving your condition. Of course, avoiding certain foods isn’t always possible but slight reductions in dairy foods or strong caffeine drinks will help toward a fresher and healthier mouth.

Home Remedies For Bad Breath

Sugar-free chewing gum is also a good temporary measure for fighting bad breath as it creates more saliva in the mouth, which will help fight bacteria. The most effective and simplest thing you can do is to keep your mouth moist by drinking plenty of water. Tongue scraping when brushing is also an effective preventative measure which helps remove dead cells, food debris and bacteria that sit on the surface of the tongue and can contribute to bad breath.

So if you are worried about your oral hygiene and or need advice on maintaining a healthier mouth and reducing the risk of bad breath, check out our interdental brushing advice or contact us today, or pay a visit to our Belgravia dental practice on Elizabeth Street and we can offer a course of action to suit your needs.

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