We read a lot about various procedures that people have to make themselves look younger, including facelifts and hair treatments. But one of the most prominent and effective beauty treatments that people have, tends to be cosmetic dental work, offering a new smile and confidence on the outside. Amongst all of the dental procedures available for keeping your mouth healthy, the focus here is about pure aesthetics and how cosmetic treatment on your teeth can make a world of difference.

But what does cosmetic dentistry involve?


Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Not everyone who chooses to have cosmetic work performed on their teeth have comprehensive treatment but rather, choose one or two main treatments to help make their teeth look better. With so many options now available and home care kits for people to maintain this look, it’s become more popular than actually visiting the dentist for regular check-ups. Obviously, this isn’t ideal but the two go hand in hand; good healthy teeth result in the ability to improve their look through cosmetic treatments.

Some of these include:

  • Veneers
  • Orthodontics
  • Contouring for gums
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Composite Bonding
  • Botox and dermal fillers
  • Implants, bridges and dentures
  • Invisalign braces

Some of these treatments won’t be available from every dentist but at Elizabeth Street we offer a full range of cosmetic dental options and many of them are ideal for giving you more confidence and a smile you can be proud of.

Many people won’t choose a smile makeover including every treatment. Firstly, this isn’t necessary in most cases and also, some of the cosmetic treatments are actually less about the aesthetic and more about being practical and maintaining good oral health (such as bridges and dentures, or braces). The upside is that many of them allow for aesthetically pleasing results.

So what are the primary cosmetic options and what do they do?


Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers

Veneers are effectively coverings for the teeth which are perhaps stained or not as attractive as one would like. By bonding the porcelain material to the surface of the tooth it can enhance the appearance dramatically. They can also help solve one of the most common issues experienced by many patients; gaps. Spaces between teeth can be covered partially by veneers as well as crooked teeth where the veneer can actually make them appear straighter. With “magic” solutions like this to help improve your appearance, it’s no wonder veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic options.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become more popular particularly with the introduction of home whitening kits but essentially, in order to maintain clean and healthy teeth, patients need to visit the dentist regularly but where whitening can come in, is by enhancing appearance of clean teeth even further. Then the home kits for maintenance over longer periods of time and between visits can be used more effectively.

Impressions are made from your teeth, a mouthguard is created and then the you wear the mouthguard at home using a special bleaching gel. Laser whitening and Invisalign whitening as well as other methods, are available and in some cases can be quicker than traditional bleaching.

Teeth whitening is a solution to a problem everyone suffers with, who struggles with staining or the overall “colouring” of their teeth.


Laser gum Contouring

Gums are often the cause of many problems in the mouth and it’s not always teeth that dental experts have to fix. Gum disease is one of the biggest issues facing many patients however, from a cosmetic point of view, there is a treatment which can overcome aesthetically challenged gums.

Gum Contouring is where a dentist will use a laser to cut and shape the gum tissue, to allow better sizing in comparison to the teeth. Some people have larger more pronounced gums and it’s nothing to do with their dental health. Gum contouring really is a cosmetic treatment through and through and only used to improve appearance. It’s quick, efficient and only requires one visit to the dentist. Very little pain is experienced either, with the laser sealing the wound as it cuts and so this is another big selling point particularly to those of us who have sensitive gums or low pain thresholds.


Dermal filler/Botox

Many people now adopt not only teeth whitening and cosmetic dental work but also beauty enhancements to go with those bright new teeth. Botox and Dermal fillers are great solutions to wrinkle problems and offer quick, easy treatment for cosmetic results.

Dermal fillers are used for adding volume and a sense of fullness to lips and other facial areas. They are designed with anti-ageing in mind to reduce the obvious signs of ageing, such as lines and wrinkles. Some patients will have fillers which last longer than others, anywhere up to 2 years but the primary results from dermal fillers include plumper lips, reducing shadows and wrinkles under the eyes and softening recessed scars, amongst many others.

However, side effects are possible from dermal fillers and these can include rashes, itching, redness and swelling. There’s also a risk of skin infections and scarring.

Botox on the other hand works slightly different. Botox blocks nerve signals in the muscles which creates a temporary paralysis, which in turn, reduces movement in those muscles and which can help reduce wrinkles over time. Basically botox works on wrinkls which are caused by movement in the muscles, such as brows and cheeks.

Side effects can include dry mouth, headaches, rashes, itching and temporary droopiness of eyelids or skin around the injection zone.