At Elizabeth Street Dentist we provide professional and quality dental healthcare to all our patients. Please have a look at some of the reasons below as to why you should choose us for all your dental needs.

beautiful courtyard garden

Our dental surgery overlooks a beautiful courtyard garden


​At Elizabeth Street Dentist our patients care is of the upmost importance to us and we aim to look after every single one of our patients regardless of if they are new patients or patients who have been coming to see us​ for years. We like to listen to the patients’ needs and do our very best to cater for ​each individual request to make their visit as comfortable and stress free as possible.


One of our primary goals is to make each patients visit to our dental practice as comfortable as possible from the moment they arrive to the time they leave. We also strongly believe in post appointment care by calling patients to ensure they are comfortable with the treatment a day or two after their appointment if the patient has undertaken a complicated procedure.

Strong Communication

We believe communication is very important and explain treatment plans and costs in plain English so the patient understands exactly what treatment they will be receiving and what they will be paying.


At Elizabeth Street Dentist, we use only the highest quality materials and products ensuring each patient receives the very best in dental care. Our practice has also passed the Quality Care Commission inspection and been given a mark of outstanding.


Our team is constantly undertaking the latest training courses to ensure the knowledge within the team is kept up to date and current.​ This knowledge is then passed onto all members of the team to ensure that the entire team works together to provide the very best in dental health care for all of our patients.