At Elizabeth Street Dentist we offer a wide range of dental services, across various treatment options to maintain good dental health, resolve tooth decay problems and to offer restorative services to help improve our patients health. Alongside this versatile offering, we also provide state of the art treatments using the latest technology and equipment, giving our patient’s a first class service. As part of our commitment to providing our patients the very best, we offer Invisalign treatments using the I-Tero machine.

By using this complex but fascinating piece of technology, we can give more insight into patient’s dental needs and provide a full picture, in advance of the treatment required. This is all due to the incredible technology involved with the I-tero machine and below we have provided a case study example of the process and what you can expect from this state of the art service from Elizabeth Street Dentist.

Our Principle dentist is Monica Amin who is qualified and experienced with the I-Tero machine and will guide you through the process.


Treatment Process


  • Consultation - This would be a discussion and a chance to go over any concerns you as the patient may have. It is also an opportunity to discuss the process in more detail face to face with Monica.


  • Invisalign Scan -  This is offered to provide a live image of your teeth and the alignment. The outcome simulator I-tero machine gives us a picture of what your teeth would look like with the treatment.


  • Outcome Simulator - The outcome simulator shows the current state of your teeth and produces an after-treatment visualisation image (giving an idea of how the treatment would change your teeth). This scan is then uploaded to the American team to provide a Clincheck plan alongside photos and an OPG radiograph.


  • Clincheck Plan - The clincheck plan is sent back to us for review. We would then explain and consult with you on the proposed treatment and what it entails, including time frames, placements and attachments.


  • Consent – Once the scan details and the plan from Clincheck is approved by you, you can sign and consent and the plan will go into production with the American team.


  • Fitting Appointment – Once the aligners are received in-clinic, you will receive a fitting appointment, where you are shown a demo of insertion and the removal of the aligners.


  • Advice – At the appointment, you are advised of any speech alteration that may occur whilst wearing the aligners and any other side effects you may experience.


  • Aligner Packets – You are given 4-6 aligner packets. After 4-6 weeks you would have another appointment to assess your current state after all aligners have been worn.


  • Home Care Kit – We offer a Home Care Kit to patients, detailing care storage and instructions on how to use it. We also offer support and mobile contact at any time is encouraged should any patients feel like they need advice.


  • Review Appointment – At each review appointment, teeth are checked and compared with the Clincheck plan. This is visually performed by Monica.


  • Second I-Tero Machine Scan – Halfway through treatment, another scan is performed on the I-Tero machine to make sure the plan is still being followed and on-track.


  • Follow up – Once aligners are worn we will discuss with you on whether further aligners are needed. This is only applicable if movement is not on track with the plan or finishing movements are still required.


  • Scan and Photos – New scan and intra-oral photos are used for invisalign to reassess the case and further aligners are proposed if needed as per the newer clincheck plan and if new additional aligners are provided, they are fitted by Monica.


  • Aligner Process – Once treatment is completed, invisalign Vivera aligners are constructed for the patient for preventing any relapse in the future. Aligners are worn day and night initially and then only at night, to prevent orthodontic relapse.