If you’re in or near London’s Victoria area and you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Victoria practice that provides the very best standards of private dental healthcare, you needn’t look any further than Elizabeth Street Dentist. We pride ourselves on delivering exemplary service and first-class dental care to every one of our patients, and offer treatments that are truly at the cutting edge of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Victoria

In addition to teeth whitening, Elizabeth Street Dentist with its easy access from Victoria, Pimlico and Chelsea offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments including porcelain veneers, smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation. We also offer the groundbreaking Invisalign treatment. A low-profile alternative to conventional braces, Invisalign is a nearly invisible system of orthodontic treatment that realigns teeth to resolve bite problems or crooked teeth.

Our clinical team have years of experience and expertise in routine dental care as well as cosmetic dentist treatments in Victoria. As one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, we offer both in-surgery and at-home teeth whitening, safely and effectively whitening your teeth to remove the discoloration that can occur with natural ageing, or staining from tobacco or coffee. We also offer Zoom teeth whitening to further improve the results.

Dental Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation services in Victoria include full mouth reconstruction and restorative treatments for dental crowns and bridges. There are many systems at work in the human mouth including hard and soft tissues and the upper and lower jaw and should any problems occur you can find that there could be further issues later down the line.

Full Mouth reconstruction can include:

  • Restorative dental treatments
  • Cosmetic dentistry including cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening
  • Oral Surgery including root canal therapy and tooth extractions
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Invisalign treatment
  • Implant dentistry

We can advise on the best course of action for necessary rehabilitation and help to give you back your smile and confidence, with professional treatments and restorative techniques.


Gum Disease Treatment in Victoria

Gum Disease is a common problem that can develop after years of neglect or even just incorrect brushing and poor hygiene. Pockets can be formed between the tooth and the gum and then subsequently filled with plaque and debris from everyday food and drink, causing bacteria, which then attacks the fibres of the tooth holding it in place. It can cause bad breath and oral hygiene problems and that’s where professional cleaning treatment and gum disease treatment can help.

Warning signs can include bleeding gums, swelling, tooth sensitivity and receding gums. Our gum disease treatment service can help you keep your mouth healthy. Take a look at the most common myths about gum disease and the facts to help identify this dental condition.


Dental Bridge Work in Victoria

We offer dental bridge treatment to help literally bridge the gap between teeth. The process has several elements including preparation for fitting a conventional fixed bridge in order to acquire a mould and then the actual restoration fitting. We also work with Everstick bridgework which is an alternative to the traditional bridge work, offering a more streamlined process with the option to reverse if required, unlike the traditional dental bridge.

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygienists are crucial in helping you keep your oral health in check, offering regular check-ups and assessments for gum disease and other dental problems that could potentially cause problems. Our dental hygienist in Victoria is qualified and works with us to help you maintain good oral health, alongside our other dental treatments.

Metal Free Crowns

Metal free crowns are lab made restorations which are a covering for teeth that perhaps have suffered from decay. This gives a more aesthetic covering to make them indistinguishable from the other teeth. Dental crowns come in various types including metal-based, bonded porcelain and metal free tooth coloured. The process will include preparing the crown and a temporary one will be fitted whilst this is created. The permanent crown will be fitted usually after around 10 days.

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At Elizabeth Street Dentist we are committed to excellence, and also believe it’s important to provide every single one of our patients with a friendly and relaxing experience. When you visit our practice, you can be confident you’ll be well looked after whether you’ve come for a simple check-up, restorative treatment or cosmetic dentistry.