Staying dentally fit and healthy

Every dentist wants you to be as dentally fit and healthy as possible, this means you have an overall better body health, you look and feel great and it keeps your costs down! Here’s how we can help..

Dental Hygiene
After visiting our dental hygienist in Belgravia and Chelsea you will end up with a stain-free brighter smile. Most importantly though, you will have the knowledge on how to keep it that way..
Fresh Breath Clinic
With an expert dental team who can advise on aspects such as diet, lifestyle and also what products you can use to help fight against it.
Gum Disease Treatment
Gum or periodontal disease occurs if plaque is allowed to build up on your teeth. Sometimes it can go unnoticed until it is quite advanced, by which time the gums can become red and swollen and a space (pocket) forms between the gum and the teeth
Mercury free Dental Fillings
White filling is used to restore teeth when part of a tooth has been lost through tooth decay. A natural-coloured filling material can be bonded for minor repairs to front teeth like chipped or broken tooth corners,
Oral Cancer Screening
The early signs of mouth cancer can often be seen. When changes are found early there is a very good chance of a cure and lifestyle choices have a big effect on our risk of mouth cancer.
Snoring and teeth grinding help
We all suffer from some sort of sleep condition, however minor and sometimes it can interrupt our sleep and sometimes it can leave us in a state of ignorant slumber. This can be problematic for those of us who can’t get a good night’s sleep due to some form of health issue but for many, one of the most common conditions is Bruxism.h.
Root canal therapy
Root canal therapy is the treatment of disease in the dental pulp. Being able to identify issues before they arise is important, particularly with regards to gum condition and overall dental health.