Dermal Fillers Before And After - What To Expect?

Dermal Fillers Before And After – What To Expect?

Posted by: Dr Monica Amin

People are becoming increasingly conscious of their appearance and personality. This has led to a significant increase in the demand for cosmetic treatment worldwide. A 2022 Audit by the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons showed that its members performed over 6,639 non-surgical cosmetic procedures, a 124% increase from the previous year. 

This unprecedented rise in demand for non-invasive cosmetic facial treatment is due to the safety of these procedures. The safety of non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers has also been established by the NHS, provided the procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced medical professional. 

If you have aesthetic facial flaws such as wrinkles, creases, or crowfeet, you should consider eliminating them with dermal fillers. If this is the first time you have heard about dermal fillers and would like to know more, don’t worry; this blog gives all the information you need about dermal filler therapy and how you can get the most out of this treatment. So, read on to find out more!

What Are The Expected Results Of A Dermal Filler Treatment?

According to the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, dermal fillers are injectibles used to improve skin volume and treat volume loss. After treatment with dermal fillers, you can expect a significant improvement in your facial appearance. Some of the cases where dermal fillers are effective include:

  • Sagging skin
  • Lines on the corner of the mouth 
  • Crow’s feet appearance 
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven skin after surgery or trauma 

In short, you can expect your smile and facial aesthetics to be regained after dermal filler therapy. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers do not have any serious side effects if an experienced medical professional performs the procedure. Most side effects of injectible fillers are mild and are not long-lasting, usually clearing between 7 – 14 days. According to Healthline, common side effects associated with dermal fillers are:

  • Redness
  • Pain 
  • Swelling 
  • Itching 
  • Bruising 
  • Rash 

Other rare side effects include infection, leakage from the infection site, and injury to the blood vessels. 

Can Everyone Have Filler Dissolving Treatment?

If you have decided that you don’t want filler therapy or are unhappy with your dermal injection treatment, you can get them dissolved to reverse their effects. Theoretically, anyone can have their dermal fillers dissolved without any risk of side effects. However, it should be remembered that dermal fillers get metabolised in the body, and their results get reversed over time. 

However, when getting one’s fillers dissolved, the most crucial aspect to consider is that the procedure should be performed by a licensed medical professional. This is because filler dissolving treatment does have certain side effects that can be overcome when professionals perform the procedure. 

Do Fillers Age Your Face? What About When They Wear Off?

Currently, no scientific evidence is available to suggest that dermal fillers age one’s face. When injected, they eliminate facial flaws. However, since this therapy is not permanent, the same facial defects can reappear once the effect of the treatment begins to wear off. So, when you observe that the aesthetic effect of your fillers is wearing off, you should seek re-treatment to continue enjoying a youthful appearance and charming smile. 

What Can You Not Do After Facial Fillers?

There are certain precautions one must take to maximise the aesthetic outcome of their dermal filler treatment. These are to:

  • Avoid rubbing the treated area unless instructed
  • Avoid scratching or picking around the treatment site 
  • Prevent the treatment area from exposure to extreme heat
  • Avoid alcohol intake on the day, and at least two days after the treatment 
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or weight-lifting 
  • Avoid taking aspirin or blood thinners after treatment 

What Should I Know Before Getting A Lip Filler?

Lip fillers have become one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental and facial treatments worldwide. However, you should know a few things about dermal lip fillers before you undergo this treatment. For example, the results of dermal filler therapy are not permanent. However, you can maximise the aesthetic life of this treatment by adhering to your doctor’s recommendations and instructions. Moreover, dermal fillers are safe if the treatment is done by a qualified and suitably trained professional. 

What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Dermal Fillers?

As mentioned earlier, dermal fillers are a non-invasive treatment option with minimal side effects if done by a licensed professional. Before undertaking this treatment, one must keep in mind that the aesthetic outcome of this procedure is non-permanent. Therefore, you may need re-treatment once the effect of the previous treatment begins to wear off. 

Can I Go Back To Work After Having Lip Injections/Fillers Done?

You can go back to work after getting dermal fillers. This is because the downtime with injectible filler therapy is minimal. However, you may experience swelling in the next few days after treatment. So, if you are concerned about the swelling, you may take the day off. If your work involves strenuous physical activity or lifting heavy loads, you should not resume work immediately after treatment. 

Can I Get Natural-Looking Fuller Lips With Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a popular non-invasive cosmetic facial treatment in the UK. This is because of the amazing aesthetic results of this procedure. However, whether these results appear natural depends mainly on the skill of the doctor or dentist treating you. 

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