Full Smile Makeovers, What’s Included?

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Have you ever wished you could improve your smile? Do you wish to enjoy an aesthetically pleasant and dazzling smile that brings the best out of you? If so, then a full smile makeover is what you’re looking for!

Perfect smile treatment, what’s included in a makeover?

When we talk about smile designs and smile makeovers, many people think that these are purely cosmetic treatment options. In fact, these procedures offer so much more than just a beautiful smile! A smile makeover is a combination of various cosmetic and restorative dental procedures that are aimed at improving your facial aesthetics, while ensuring optimal health and function of your teeth and gums. 

A complete smile makeover may include a variety of procedures. The type of procedures required are unique for each patient, which your dentist will determine according to your aesthetic and dental treatment needs. Some of the procedures that are included in a smile makeover, but are not limited to, include:

  • Teeth Whiteningyour dentist will perform this procedure to remove teeth stains that are affecting your smile.
  • Composite Bonding – this is a procedure in which your dentist will use a tooth-colored, cosmetic fillings to restore chipped, fractured, or damaged teeth. Bonding not only restores tooth function, but also improves facial aesthetics. 
  • Dental Implantsdental implants are by far the most aesthetically pleasant and durable option for replacing missing natural teeth. The implant-supported artificial teeth offer excellent, lifelike aesthetics – often being virtually indistinguishable from the natural ones.  
  • Porcelain Crowns porcelains crowns are an excellent option for cosmetically restoring grossly damaged teeth. The porcelain crowns are not only durable, but they also exactly match the shade and color of your own teeth, thereby enhancing your smile and restoring tooth function. 
  • Porcelain Veneersa veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that is attached to the front-side of your teeth. They are used for fixing various cosmetic problems like excessive teeth gaps, and for restoring chipped, crooked, or permanently stained teeth. 
  • Gum Recontouring – if you are not satisfied with the shape or size of your gums, then your cosmetic can fix this aesthetic problem by reshaping your gums so that they maximize the aesthetic outcome. 

Smile makeover before and after

Getting a complete smile makeover is simple and easy. When you visit your dentist for the initial appointment, he or she will first perform a detailed examination of your teeth and gums. Your dentist will also look at the x-ray images and 3D models of your teeth to precisely determine your dental and cosmetic needs. Using a special diagnostic techniques, your dentist will examine your facial profile and the areas that need improvement. He or she will then prepare a smile design for you that will show how your teeth will look once your treatment has been completed. 

Once you’re happy with your future smile, your dentist will prepare a detailed treatment plan that will give you the smile of your dreams. That’s all. Now, all you need to do is to sit back and relax, while your cosmetic dentist does the magic!

Is dental bonding before and after
Dental bonding before and after
Orthodontics before and after
The before and after orthodontics

Can you have veneers with gum disease?

It is not recommended to have porcelain crowns and veneers if you have underlying gum disease. This is because when you have gum inflammation, your gums might appear swollen or enlarged. If your dentist prepares your restoration while considering the current size or length of your gums, then it may fail to offer optimal aesthetics once your gums heal. Furthermore, swollen gums may make it difficult for your dentist to obtain good impressions of your teeth, which can affect the long term fit and aesthetics of the veneers. Therefore, it is best that you get your gum disease treated before you seek cosmetic dental treatments. 

Inflamed gums
Inflamed gums are a contraindication to having dental veneers

What is a mini smile makeover?

A mini smile makeover is a shortened version of a full smile makeover – offering the simplest and quickest solutions for restoring a smile. Typically, a mini smile makeover includes:

  • Air Abrasion – this is a procedure in which your dentist will remove surface stains from your teeth. 
  • Teeth Whitening – a procedure that will whiten your teeth by up to three or four shades in a single sitting, giving you charming and beautiful smiles. 
  • Dental Bonding – bonding with white fillings is an excellent procedure for cosmetically fixing crooked or chipped teeth. 

Fixing crooked teeth with veneers

When it comes to fixing chipped, fractured or permanently stained teeth, porcelain veneers are one of the best options. Whether it is crooked teeth, teeth gaps, slight tooth misalignment, or even permanent discoloration, your dentist can fix a variety of cosmetic issues with porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers can also be used for cosmetically restoring tooth misalignment as an alternative to teeth straightening with braces.

Gummy smile treatment

Cosmetic dentists utilize various options to fix a gummy smile. One of the most common treatment options for a gummy smile is gum recontouring, where your dentist will reshape your gums so that they do not appear excessively large or small in relation with your teeth and lips. Another option is lip treatments with botox to decrease lip exposure. 

A beautiful smile makes you look confident, friendly and approachable! Even if someone is not born with a naturally beautiful smile, he or she can still enjoy the smile of their dreams, thanks to a smile makeover. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us today and walk away with a charming and attractive smile, we even offer a free virtual consultation.

A beautiful smile
A gummy smile
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