Dental Health – Does it help with Psoriasis?

Posted by: Charlie Burrows

We know from research and recent studies that having good dental health can help towards improving conditions such as cardiovascular disease and of course, good oral health will contribute to a happier mouth. In fact, there is more awareness now than ever about how keeping your dental health in check can prevent various conditions later on.

Gum disease in particular can result in heart disease, diabetes and stroke, with inflammation of the gum causing damaged blood vessels. This can have a knock-on effect resulting in conditions such as dementia and respiratory infections, particularly when poor oral health impacts the bloodstream. It can be dangerous and bring about health problems you would never normally experience if you were fit and healthy in every other part of your lifestyle.

With this in mind, recent studies have shown that there is a potential link between poor gum health and Psoriasis


What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition affecting both men and women, often creating swelling and stiffness in the joints as well as resulting in itchy skin, cracks and general soreness on the surface of the skin, including the colouration. It can come and go with many people suffering throughout their lifetime. Some people only experience it however, intermittently and in varying degrees of discomfort. 

It’s not infectious but it can be unsightly, affecting nails as well as joints and skin, and therefore it’s always recommended that a dermatologist advise on treatment. It is an autoimmune disease but presents often as scaly red patchy skin and it can be incredibly uncomfortable.


Likely Links

Generally, Psoriasis is genetically inherited but many people suffer because of environmental factors including chemical irritants or high UV exposure. Studies reviewing genetics have also identified that both environmental factors and certain genetic changes over time can cause more irritation for some.

However, the most likely common cause now seems to be diet and lifestyle. 

The fact is that the majority of avoidable disease or health conditions can be brought on by poor diet and lifestyle and Psoriasis is no exception. And as we know, both of these things can severely affect dental health too.


So what Foods Trigger Psoriasis?

Unfortunately, for many, regular everyday foods can be problematic for Psoriasis, including red meat, eggs, wheat, pasta, processed foods and alcohol. Basically, gluten is a problem and red meat and dairy. This can be complicated for those who eat a variety of foods and it can severely limit their intake of day to day foods, even some healthier foods such as eggs.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom because fatty fish such as salmon and cod, as well as fruit and vegetables like broccolli, berries, and leafy greens can be consumed and of course, as a byproduct of this type of diet, your overall health should improve simply because you are cutting out sugary, processed foods (albeit favourite meat and carbs).


Knock-on Effects

It’s a balancing act and ultimately, a regulated diet with a variety of foods should be enough to maintain good oral health but the worry is that as dental conditions worsen for some patients that it can actually bring on health complications such as cardiovascular disease and Psoriasis, where it otherwise wouldn’t have arisen. Poor oral health is being linked to so many conditions now and it’s enough of a wake up call to many, to finally start taking their dental health seriously.


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